Dr. Mullen has a passion for orthodontics. His life was changed when he had orthodontics in his early adult-hood. It not only changed his appearance but it changed the way he communicated, interacted and progressed in life. Dr. Mullen believes in non-extraction orthodontics during childhood to help with proper development and to let ones true personality shine through. Adult orthodontics is more common than you may think, you are never too old to invest in the function and aesthetics of your smile.

                    The window to your soul is through your eyes, but the window to your personality is through your smile!

Before and After (Adolescent Orthodontics)

Before and After (Adult Orthodontics)


Tasha, a Registered Dental Assistant in our office, is our orthodontic assistant, who will help Dr. Mullen get you started in your road to a straight smile! She will help teach you how to care for your braces and make sure you are comfortable through your orthodontic experience.